Welcome to the

Falcon Sportsmen Club's



Will be held June 12th.

Free for all kids who attend!

Please note that Dave Webb, who typically provides, and generously donates bait for the children will be unable to attend this year. Please plan accordingly, and bring your own bait, as we do not allow artificial bait during the derby. The Club will do its best to try to provide some live bait, but we cannot guarantee significant quantities. Thank you for understanding.

2022 CLUB BUTTONS, NOW available for sale!!

( Still only $1.00)


The grounds are open for member use!!

Fishing Pond

Bring your kids, and family, and spend a few hours tossing in some lines, and make our fish happy again!! Catch and release only!

Long range shooting at 200 yards

This is ONLY ALLOWED by special appointment with the Club President, on WEEKENDS only! If you are interested in doing any long range shooting, please contact Mike Indelicato, to find out more details!


COVID-19 Information & Updates


We have been asked by the Cayuga County Health department to log all clubhouse access, to facilitate contact tracing should the unfortunate need arise.

If you enter the clubhouse for ANY REASON, you must fill out the "LOG IN" sheet just inside the clubhouse.

Remember to wear a mask and follow all "social distancing" protocols while inside the facilities. 

We want to insure the safety and wellness of our members!


Important Update about Alcohol

A serious liability issue that needed to be addressed was the consumption of alcohol on the property.

The Board of Directors have voted that there will be ZERO alcohol consumption ANYWHERE on the property. Anyone caught consuming alcoholic beverages will be asked to leave, and will have their memberships revoked should they not comply, or be caught a second time!

Guns and alcohol DO NOT MIX! 

If you have any questions, please contact

President: Mike Indelicato at (315)515-0124




Please click the link below, for more information on how to sign up at the club, annual dues, and more.


As a member, this is your club. Also, please respect others using the facilities.  Click below for more information on what activities are acceptable, and what are NOT.

For hunter safety course information, please call DEC


ext. 241

Their info is available from

1 - 4 PM, Mon.-Fri.


Or the DEC Website HERE:


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